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  Phil Hudson 1613661a38 User-defined capture template variables with prompt and completion list 4 years ago
  Christoph Lange 02a9ab4fd1 meaningful section IDs 4 years ago
  Christoph Lange 9003f70dd6 org-jump.el (heading navigation) and documentation 4 years ago
  Mark Edgington e975d951dc added info on using ox-extra.el for ignoring headlines 5 years ago
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  Rasmus e5df2a0ad3 org-hack: notes on ignoreheading 6 years ago
  Suvayu Ali a4503c7bc8 FAQ & hack: ignoreheadline export filter 6 years ago
  Michael Brand 2db4f6f201 fileconversion 0.10 adapt to new keyword indentation 6 years ago
  Michael Brand bbf8b5de13 fileconversion 0.9 logging and reformat 6 years ago
  Nicolas Richard 2db3c075c3 Remove useless uses of quotes in front of lambdas 6 years ago
  Alan Schmitt 6813c3f828 fixing the hack to include external text fragments following Bastien's advice 6 years ago
  Alan Schmitt f4fa188bfb hack describing how to include external text fragments in an org file 6 years ago
  Josiah Schwab 8156d3474e Fix links broken because of escaping. 6 years ago
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  Karl Voit e8eb2b5e78 org-hacks: fixed minor formatting 6 years ago
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