Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kyle Meyer 5417e384eb Merge branch 'maint' 3 months ago
  Nicholas Vollmer ab9b14a80f org.el: (org-get-cursor-date): Fix regular expression 4 months ago
  Kévin Le Gouguec 81e2948472 Fix org-fontify-whole-*-line by setting face extension (bug#42184) 3 months ago
  John Herrlin ea946353aa ob-core: file-mode option in source code block arguments 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer a103f3f3ee Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Nicholas Vollmer 093b474e6a org-list: Operate on single line if no active region 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer df5a836375 ob-core: Call org-confirm-babel-evaluate with expanded noweb refs 4 months ago
  Bassam Saeed b395f0abf6 ol.el: Fixed typo 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer a1e5bee5cb Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Matt Huszagh 521d7f5fe4 Modify file-desc header argument to match action 4 months ago
  Kévin Le Gouguec 0fd9a6ad6c Fix recommendation in 9.4 release notes 4 months ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 270aa438e2 Fix `org-show-children' error when called before first heading 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 82b496c0e9 Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Leo Vivier c9abb4c29a org: Remove useless example in docstring 4 months ago
  Marco Wahl 7069dc3f32 org: New function to hide the body up to the first child 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer bb427f7bd6 Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer b2b587387e org-eldoc: Fix compatibility with Emacs 28 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 05fac0b765 org-macs.el: Silence byte-compiler under 'make single' 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 454131d228 ob-screen: Quote session name before passing to string-match 4 months ago
  Kenneth D. Mankoff 0ab117bc57 ob-screen: Accept :screenrc header argument 4 months ago
  Kenneth D. Mankoff 25bc790be5 ob-screen: Respect :session name. Don't prepend 'org-babel-session-' 4 months ago
  Kenneth D. Mankoff 68b7415146 ob-screen: Execute last line in block (send newline) 4 months ago
  Nicolas Goaziou ddfc469a1a id: Fix error about `agenda-archives' 4 months ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 91b2398293 Do not fill paragraph before region 4 months ago
  Alexandru-Sergiu Marton fe41103d50 ox: Add Romanian smart quotes 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 95eaab7f44 agenda: Fold case when retrieving user-configured effort values 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer eac255d911 Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer e62ca4a1bf org-attach: Fix :type for org-attach-use-inheritance 4 months ago
  Nick Dokos bc4fa8a008 org: add property names from #+PROPERTY keywords to completion list 5 months ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 353e8cc2b7 Fix paragraph filling 5 months ago