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  • 7ac46c52b7 Check format of org-structure-template-alist * org.el (org--check-org-structure-template-alist): New function yielding user-error if using old org-structure-template-alist format. (org--insert-structure-template-mks): * org-tempo.el (org-tempo-add-templates): Use new function

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rasmus pushed to master at bzg/org-mode

  • 39837b4b31 org: Change org-insert-structure-template to C-c C-, * lisp/org.el (org-mode-map): * doc/org-manual.org (With): Change keybinding of org-insert-structure-template. See the thread titled "Poll: new keybinding for org-insert-structure-template?" in December 2017 for details.
  • d04c20deec org: Change structure insertion * lisp/org.el (org-insert-structure-template): Change newline behavior. * testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/insert-template): New tests. `org-insert-structure-template' considers indentation and also insert newlines between the beginning and the end of the block.
  • e5f6cb6c8b org-tempo: Various improvements * lisp/org-tempo.el (org-tempo-keywords-alist): Improve docstring. (org-tempo--update-maybe): (org-tempo--keys): New function. (org-tempo-complete-tag): (org-tempo-setup): (org-tempo-add-templates): Use new functions. (org-tempo-add-block): Smarter position of point. * testing/lisp/test-org-tempo.el (test-org-tempo/cursor-placement): (test-org-tempo/space-first-line): New tests. * testing/lisp/test-org-tempo.el (test-org-tempo/completion): Adapt test to changes. Org Tempo more carefully checks for new definitions. When inserting blocks point will differ depending on whether it is source block.
  • b56df737b7 org: org-structure-template-alist uses string keys * lisp/org-tempo.el (org-tempo-keywords-alist): (org-tempo-setup): (org-tempo-add-templates): * testing/lisp/test-org-tempo.el (test-org-tempo/add-new-templates): * lisp/org.el (org-structure-template-alist): Use string keys. (org--insert-structure-template-mks): (org--insert-structure-template-unique-keys): New functions for block selection. (org-insert-structure-template): Use new functions. * etc/ORG-NEWS: * doc/org-manual.org: Reflect changes.
  • ac4d5fe1b3 org-macs: Make tab, space and RET equivalent in org-mks * lisp/org-macs.el (org--mks-read-key): New function. (org-mks): Use new function and make space, tab and RET equivalent.
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