1. htmlize NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.
  2. * Changes in htmlize 1.51
  3. ** `htmlize-face-overrides' can be used to override Emacs's face
  4. definitions.
  5. * Changes in htmlize 1.47
  6. ** GNU Emacs 21 is no longer supported.
  7. * Changes in htmlize 1.45
  8. ** Correctly handle :inherit specifying a list of faces. (This bug
  9. would cause an error in AUX TeX buffers.)
  10. * Changes in htmlize 1.44
  11. ** Faces specified in the `face' property are now prioritized the same
  12. way that Emacs redisplay does it: faces that appear earlier have
  13. precedence over those that appear later.
  14. * Changes in htmlize 1.41
  15. ** `before-string' and `after-string' overlay properties are now
  16. recognized by htmlize and inserted into the HTML.
  17. ** Images specified by `display' property are recognized and inserted
  18. into the HTML as <img src=...>.
  19. *** If the image data comes from a file, the image will be rendered as
  20. a relative URI that would resolve to that file. Images whose data
  21. comes from a string will be rendered inline as data: URIs. The flag
  22. `htmlize-force-inline-images' can be used to force inserting *all*
  23. images inline as data: URIs.
  24. ** The image's ALT text will be the text that the `display' property is
  25. replacing, if non-empty.
  26. ** Arbitrary links can now be added to the generated HTML. If htmlize
  27. encounters buffer text with `htmlize-link' property, it will wrap the
  28. text in <a href="uri">...</a>. If the property value is a string, it
  29. is interpreted as the URI. If it is a list, it should be a property
  30. list whose currently only defined key is :uri.