Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hrvoje Niksic 8db0aa6aab Remove unnecessary byte-compile warning suppressions. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 9145b68557 Simplify ensuring of font-lock. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic a040bddea2 Don't try to call color-instance-rgb-components. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic b9789bafc8 Don't warn on the use of font-lock-fontify-buffer in older Emacsen. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic d6dc274696 Remove unused function. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 567d55c2a1 Don't convert ^L to <hr/> in invisible text. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic e01bb6f5c6 Bump version. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic a8b73f1393 New option htmlize-untabify. (#21) 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 315a8f23cf htmlize-sorted-overlays-at: correctly initialize OVERLAYS. (#18) 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 726c77b909 Correctly sort overlays in Emacs 24. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic a872d6b0e1 Bump version. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 1bc2f1b0fe Bump version. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 06772e6502 Don't use `alist-get', it is not available in Emacs 24. (#17) 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 75c21c7f4d Use `font-lock-ensure' where available. (#14) 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 133ac35703 Remove XEmacs support. 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 78318a2012 Support face-remapping-alist. (#13) 1 year ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 5ea2cc33c3 Let `overlays-at' sort the overlays. (#9) 1 year ago
  Tamas K. Papp a0b55cba65 Introduced option for styling <pre>, "screenshot" function. 2 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp 8593a5e381 Put style information in <pre> tags. 2 years ago
  Stig Brautaset 1f7bd7290e Update supported version from 21 -> 22 in README 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 88e2cb6588 Update copyright info. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 32c69e9095 Add htmlize-face-overrides. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic a95e59114b Bump version. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic f74ea313ad Bump version. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 8f46e10468 Use htmlpreview. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 29f3960601 Nicer readme. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 4570d0ac13 Add README. 2 years ago
  Syohei YOSHIDA 9d4ad62e96 Set type and group attribute for custom variable 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 2c41d79999 Update mail address. 2 years ago
  Hrvoje Niksic 6f9bb1fcf0 Bump version. 2 years ago