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+This package converts the buffer text and the associated
+decorations to HTML.  Mail to <> to discuss
+features and additions.  All suggestions are more than welcome.
+To use it, just switch to the buffer you want HTML-ized and type
+<kbd>M-x htmlize-buffer</kbd>.  You will be switched to a new buffer
+that contains the resulting HTML code.  You can edit and inspect this
+buffer, or you can just save it with <kbd>C-x C-w</kbd>.  <kbd>M-x
+htmlize-file</kbd> will find a file, fontify it, and save the HTML
+version in `FILE.html`, without any additional intervention.  <kbd>M-x
+htmlize-many-files</kbd> allows you to htmlize any number of files in
+the same manner.  <kbd>M-x htmlize-many-files-dired</kbd> does the
+same for files marked in a dired buffer.
+htmlize supports three types of HTML output, selected by setting
+`htmlize-output-type`: `css`, `inline-css` (optimized for code
+snippets), and `font` (simpler output, doesn't rely on CSS).  See
+[`htmlize.el.html`](htmlize.el.html) for an example of generated HTML.
+You can also use htmlize from your Emacs Lisp code.  When called
+non-interactively, `htmlize-buffer` and `htmlize-region` will
+return the resulting HTML buffer, but will not change current
+buffer or move the point.  htmlize will do its best to work on
+non-windowing Emacs sessions but the result will be limited to
+colors supported by the terminal.
+htmlize aims for compatibility with Emacsen version 21 and later.
+Please let me know if it doesn't work on the version of XEmacs or
+GNU Emacs that you are using.  The package relies on the presence
+of CL extensions, especially for cross-emacs compatibility; please
+don't try to remove that dependency.  I see no practical problems
+with using the full power of the CL extensions, except that one
+might learn to like them too much.

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 ;; with using the full power of the CL extensions, except that one
 ;; might learn to like them too much.
-;; The latest version is available as a git repository at:
+;; The latest version is available at:
-;;        <>
+;;        <>
-;; The snapshot of the latest release can be obtained at:
-;;        <>
-;; You can find a sample of htmlize's output (possibly generated with
-;; an older version) at:
-;;        <>
 ;; Thanks go to the many people who have sent reports and contributed
 ;; comments, suggestions, and fixes.  They include Ron Gut, Bob

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