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This page lists the various conversion tools that have been written to export Org-mode data and import external data into the Org-mode system.

Org-mode Export Tools

  • From Org-mode to Freemind by Marco Vezzoli, this is available in
  • the contrib directory of the distribution.

Org-mode Import Tools

  • From TaskPaper to Org by Carsten Dominik. A quite complete
  • translation can be achieved by a compact Perl program:

#+begin_src perl #!/usr/bin/perl ^(\t*)-(.*?)((@\w+ *)*)$/; @u=grep{$_ ne'@done'}(@t=split +/,$3); @v=@u?('',@u,''):(); $t{$_}++for@u; $_="*"x(2+length$1).(@t==@u?" TODO":" DONE").$2.join(":",@v)."\n"if$&; s/^\w.*:\s*$/* $&/; END{printf "* Setup\n#+TAGS: %s\n",join' ',keys%t} #+end_src

This program is quite unreadable because it resulted from a contest for the most compact translator - but it works very well anyway.


Unfortunately nothing so far.