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@@ -1014,15 +1014,15 @@ You can save the minimal .emacs file to ~/minimal.emacs, add suspect
 configuration code to it, then start emacs something like this:
 #+begin_src sh
-  emacs -Q -l ~/minimal.emacs
+emacs -Q -l ~/minimal.emacs
 On OS X, starting emacs with minimal configuration might look
 something like this:
 #+begin_src sh
-  /Applications/ -Q -l ~/minimal.emacs
-#+end_src sh
+/Applications/ -Q -l ~/minimal.emacs
 ** Can I migrate from Planner?
@@ -4460,7 +4460,7 @@ Org-mode:
 You need to create a dedicated directory on the WebDAV server for the
 communication between Emacs and MobileOrg.
-#+begin_src ditaa :file images/orgmobile/tramp-webdav.png :cmdline -r
+#+begin_src ditaa :file images/orgmobile-tramp-webdav.png :cmdline -r
   +----------------------+           +----------------------+
   | desktop              |           | WebDAV server        |
   +----------------------+           +----------------------+
@@ -4482,7 +4482,7 @@ communication between Emacs and MobileOrg.
 If you can mount that directory locally so that Emacs can directly
 write to it, just set the variable =org-mobile-directory= to point to
@@ -4528,7 +4528,6 @@ Alternatively you could write a simple script to synchronise from
 #+index: Mathjax
 ** How to install MathJax on my server?
 :CUSTOM_ID: install_mathjax_on_server