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Andrew Young 8 years ago
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 my very own list of favorite features: it just takes too long to
 list them all...
+# Andrew Young ----------------------------------------------------------------
+{{{person(Andrew Young,}}}
+As of 2012, I am a 5th year Software Engineering and Management
+student at McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario, Canada).
+I have been using org-mode since 2009, where I started using it to
+create class notes during my studies.  I now use it for anything and
+everything I write, such as; code, planning, logging, brainstorming,
+webpages, and anything that could use a touch of organization.
+I became involved with org-mode development and the community through
+Google Summer of Code during 2012, where I created a specialized [[][merge
+I am really excited about org-mode, and can't wait to see what the future
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 @<br style="clear:both;" />