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Revert "org-manual: Move "MobileOrg" into "Miscellaneous""

Revert commit b94e6e2b459d03429f983b2b11ed6a3095b9d12c.  MobileOrg is
described in an appendix, the motivation for the reverted commit no
longer holds.
Nicolas Goaziou 1 year ago
1 changed files with 5 additions and 5 deletions
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@@ -19262,10 +19262,10 @@ can operate on the reports with the following keys:
 | {{{kbd(i)}}}                   | Also remove them from all subsequent checks |
 | {{{kbd(S)}}}                   | Sort reports by the column at point         |
-** MobileOrg
+* MobileOrg
 :DESCRIPTION: Viewing and capture on a mobile device.
-:APPENDIX: Appendix
 #+cindex: iPhone
 #+cindex: smartphone
@@ -19295,7 +19295,7 @@ TODO states /sets/ (see [[*Setting up keywords for individual files]]) and
 /mutually exclusive/ tags (see [[*Setting Tags]]) only for those set in
 these variables.
-*** Setting Up the Staging Area
+** Setting Up the Staging Area
 :DESCRIPTION: For the mobile device.
@@ -19322,7 +19322,7 @@ initialisation file variable as follows:
 Org copies files to the above directory for MobileOrg.  Org also uses
 the same directory for sharing notes between Org and MobileOrg.
-*** Pushing to MobileOrg
+** Pushing to MobileOrg
 :DESCRIPTION: Uploading Org files and agendas.
@@ -19343,7 +19343,7 @@ files.  MobileOrg reads this file first from the server to determine
 what other files to download for agendas.  For faster downloads,
 MobileOrg only reads files whose checksums[fn:149] have changed.
-*** Pulling from MobileOrg
+** Pulling from MobileOrg
 :DESCRIPTION: Integrating captured and flagged items.