Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jack Kamm eecee22665 test-ob-python.el: Add test for multiline-string variables 1 month ago
  Jack Kamm 6149b6cb6d ob-python.el: Assign variables in preamble instead of body 1 month ago
  Bastien d9fe6aeafe lisp/ob-R.el: Don't throw an error when result cannot be parsed 1 month ago
  Kevin J. Foley 010d1e3b6e Fix `org-babel-detangle' handling of false positives 5 months ago
  Bastien 6f113a5392 Merge branch 'maint' 1 month ago
  Bastien b614ed0bba lisp/org-agenda.el: Remove redundant code 1 month ago
  Bastien 701c7bed94 lisp/org.el: Minor docstrings enhancements 1 month ago
  Bastien 6d62c76d2c ol.el: Allow to remove the link part of a link 1 month ago
  Bastien 412f0406da doc/ Mention `stuck' as an available agenda view 1 month ago
  Bastien da8eadd1e5 doc/ Document the `!' agenda command separately 1 month ago
  Stefan Kangas e9b1b8fde5 New function org-agenda-filter-set 1 month ago
  Bastien d8dae655f4 lisp/ol-bbdb.el: Tiny formatting enhancements 1 month ago
  Bastien 5adfb533ce org.el: Tiny fixes in comments 1 month ago
  fpi 928e67df7e org-protocol: Allow slashes after sub-protocol 3 months ago
  Richard Kim cd336c2af3 contrib/lisp/ox-confluence.el: Add an export menu entry 1 month ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 80de8400c6 manual: Fix typo 1 month ago
  Bastien 2e96dc6392 Merge branch 'maint' 1 month ago
  Bastien ceb0ef95fb contrib/lisp/ox-confluence.el: Fix radio link export 1 month ago
  Bastien 27ec1c2cff doc: Mention that a space is needed after the star(s) in a headline 1 month ago
  Bastien a75f440942 Merge branch 'maint' 1 month ago
  Ivan Sokolov 47b653450f ob-js.el: Fix obsolete requirement 1 month ago
  Bastien d868067055 etc/ORG-NEWS: Tiny formatting enhancements 1 month ago
  Bastien 7c913d1792 lisp/org-compat.el: Small fix in a "obsolete" declaration 1 month ago
  Paul Eggert 1e3184964c Backport commit 00be23c2a from Emacs 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer bfc4569ae3 Merge branch 'maint' 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer 5e2490bdf2 agenda: Respect FILETAGS when skipping archive entries 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer 962b8e765c org.el: Fix regression in collecting empty-value keywords 1 month ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 9bc0cc7fb3 crypt: Allow nil value for `org-crypt-key' 1 month ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 5441b2d5ca crypt: Add autoloads, cleanup headers and requires 1 month ago
  Nicolas Goaziou d3c15e2b34 crypt: Small improvements 1 month ago