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org.texi: Remove `org-enable-table-editor' remnant

* doc/org.texi (Built-in table editor): Remove reference to suppressed
  variable `org-enable-table-editor'.
Nicolas Goaziou 2 years ago
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@@ -2278,17 +2278,6 @@ format used by Orgtbl radio tables, see @ref{Translator functions}, for a
 detailed description.
 @end table
-If you don't like the automatic table editor because it gets in your
-way on lines which you would like to start with @samp{|}, you can turn
-it off with
-(setq org-enable-table-editor nil)
-@end lisp
-@noindent Then the only table command that still works is
-@kbd{C-c C-c} to do a manual re-align.
 @node Column width and alignment
 @section Column width and alignment
 @cindex narrow columns in tables