Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Lundin ae3796bcab Changed maintainer email in top level files. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 4e9cd41675 Hack to promote all headings in the current subtree. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 8d1d4908fd Added hack on preserving top level headings while archiving. 9 years ago
  David Maus e20eba32c2 Add hack to remove vc-mode for Org agenda files 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 3e7563bccf Search Org files using lgrep 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 88df8a6201 add "Remove empty property drawers". 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry ad8d8ea8ed Doing some cleanup. 9 years ago
  Memnon Anon a6ae2deeb6 Organisation: New Toplevel Headings, grouping related topics. 9 years ago
  Jan Böcker c7201682f9 org-hacks: add section about Static MathJax 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry c6ee6018e8 Added a "Useful webjumps for conkeror" tip. 9 years ago
  Benjamin Andresen 47d55b3cd7 org-hacks: dynamic tags needs fix for a refile bug 9 years ago
  David Maus 695f9a6064 Modified note on org hack: HTML messages with Wanderlust. 9 years ago
  Dan Davison a102de0841 org-hacks: Osamu Okano's org-archive-subtree defadvice 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 96970bb2cb Changed name of filetags restriction function. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 50b58d66bc One more fix to restrict by filetags hack. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin b1a93bfd6a Modified org-agenda-files by filetag hack. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin faec60626c Added custom-id. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 5d7bf7ec8a Minor fix to setting org-agenda by filetags. 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte 788817c7e9 adding links to org-mime where appropriate 9 years ago
  Michael Brand 4921b65957 transpose table with org-babel and Emacs Lisp 9 years ago
  Michael Brand c94436df3a more outlining, new field coordinates in formulas 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 978206c9a9 Added hack on limiting org-agenda-files to files containing a 9 years ago
  David Maus c143a9e4c6 Adjusted `dmj/wl-send-html-message' to send multipart/alternative. 9 years ago
  David Maus 4a93b7ae6a Fixed small glitch in hack: Send html message w/ Wanderlust. 9 years ago
  David Maus 2f6d489bd8 Fixed missing hook in WL html message hack. 9 years ago
  David Maus befba19eac Add hacks on sending html messages and attachments w/ Wanderlust. 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 3044aeafef Added John Wiegley's code on "Displaying your Org agenda after idle time." 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 4af3897712 Updated yearly archives function. Added a jump-to function. 9 years ago
  Dan Davison 0fa5648fbf Add speed commands subtree to org-hacks 9 years ago
  Matt Lundin 3326db3354 Fixed typo. 9 years ago