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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ Quotes about Org-mode
 I'm having the same feeling for org-mode that I did when I first
 learned to really program and use emacs.
-@<div align="right">@<i>Jeffery Travis on his [[][Twitter feed]].@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Jeffery Travis on [[][Twitter]].@</i>@</div>
@@ -123,26 +123,26 @@ Org-mode has changed my life!
 If humans could mate with software, I'd have org-mode's babies.
-@<div align="right">@<i>Chris League on his [[][Twitter feed]].@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Chris League on [[][Twitter]].@</i>@</div>
 If I hated everything about Emacs, I would still use it for
 org-mode. [...]
-@<div align="right">@<i>Avdi on his [[][Twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Avdi on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-mode is so awesome because everything is ultimately still plain
 text files.
-@<div align="right">@<i>Philip J. Hollenback on his [[][Twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Philip J. Hollenback on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 The sheer elaborated insanity of the org-mode spreadsheet is a
 distilled microcosm of all that is wonderful and brain-damaged about
-@<div align="right">@<i>Zenoli on his [[][Twitter feed]].@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Zenoli on [[][Twitter]].@</i>@</div>
@@ -182,25 +182,30 @@ ease of use.\\
 Org-mode is like doubling the RAM in your brain.\\
-@<div align="right">@<i>Casey Brant on his [[][twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Casey Brant on  [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-mode is like heroin. After the first hit. You're
 addicted. Then, that's all you can think about.\\
-@<div align="right">@<i>Sergio T. Ruiz in his [[][twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Sergio T. Ruiz on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-mode; gestalt of The One True Editor.  Sentience is close at hand.\\
-@<div align="right">@<i>Richard Hoskins in his [[][twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Richard Hoskins on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Ceiling Cat, bestow your benevolent purring upon the authors of
 Org-mode for #Emacs, as I'm not sure how I'd manage my life without
-@<div align="right">@<i>Tom X. Tobind in his [[][twitter feed]]@</i>@</div>
+@<div align="right">@<i>Tom X. Tobind on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
+Emacs org-mode makes my geek heart flutter. [...]\\
+@<div align="right">@<i>Sacha Chua on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>