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@@ -79,6 +79,21 @@ conclusion that there's nothing quite like Org for Emacs.
 @<div align="right">@<i>Sacha Chua in a [[][blog post]].@</i>@</div>
+*BG:* We’ve got a lot more books coming out in the pipeline. [...]
+The one which is my favourite is the Emacs Org-Mode Reference
+Manual. [...]  Honestly, it’s the greatest Emacs mode in 20
+years. [...]\\
+*CW:* /Would you say Org-Mode is one of the more exciting projects in
+the Free Software world at the moment?/ \\
+*BG:* Definitely. Maybe it’s even /the/ most exciting. Certainly it’s
+transformed the way that I organise my work, and I think it has for a
+lot of other people as well, so it’s software that can revolutionise
+your life, not just perform a function.
+@<div align="right">@<i>Brian Gough of [[][Netork Theory Limited]] in an
+interview by Chris Woolfrey, published in this [[][blog post]].@</i>@</div>
 By far my favorite featureset in org-mode that muse lacks[fn:1] is the table
 support, which piggybacks on calc to form more of a spreadsheet than
@@ -86,8 +101,6 @@ table support. Insanely cool.
 @<div align="right">@<i>Patrick Hawkins in a [[][post on emacs-wiki-discuss]].@</i>@</div>
 Org is a new working experience for me and there is nothing comparable
 to working with emacs AND Org-mode.