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-Quotes about Org-mode
+#+TITLE: Quotes about Org-mode
 #+LANGUAGE:  en
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 * Quotes about Org-mode from the mailing list and the web.
@@ -65,7 +63,7 @@ users]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-mode bends the definition of outliners until you realise that
 outlines are text and text is outline. [...] In org-mode, I'm... not
 editing a document.  I'm editing a piece of fiction, one piece at a
-time. On a computer. In a way that makes sense. 
+time. On a computer. In a way that makes sense.
 @<div align="right">@<i>Urpo Lankinen in a [[][blog post]].@</i>@</div>
@@ -179,7 +177,7 @@ emacs.
 If Emacs is an operating system, Org-mode is the office/productivity
 @<div align="right">@<i>Eric Schulte in his [[][screenshot]] on [[][Worg]]@</i>@</div>
@@ -254,13 +252,13 @@ Emacs org-mode makes my geek heart flutter. [...]\\
 It looks like it's from 1983, and it feels like taking a course in 7D
-geometry but org-mode is truly (and I use this word rarely) awesome.\\ 
+geometry but org-mode is truly (and I use this word rarely) awesome.\\
 @<div align="right">@<i>David Griffiths on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-Mode is without a doubt the most useful piece of software that I
-have ever installed.\\ 
+have ever installed.\\
 @<div align="right">@<i>Christopher Dolan on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
@@ -281,8 +279,6 @@ stars." (Neal Stephenson on Emacs)\\
 @<div align="right">@<i>Someone in a discussion on [[][Hacker News]]@</i>@</div>
 * Some 24/7 lectures about Org-mode
 The famous 24/7 lectures are part of the ceremony for handing out the
@@ -321,17 +317,17 @@ These was only a single entry in the "24" category:
    - Madness? This is org-mode! [[][*Real Spartans use emacs!*]] (/Russell
    - Plain text with frickin' lasers. [[][*pinky to lips*]] (/Russell Adams[fn:2]/)
    - It is the text that binds us. [[][*Shekaka!*]] (/Russell Adams[fn:2]/)
    - Org-mode --- lifehacker's orgy :-P (/Dmitry Dzhus/)
    - Back to the future for plain text (/Carsten Dominik/)
 [fn:1] Muse now understands the syntax of Org-mode tables, so you can use
 Orgtbl-mode to get the same tables in Muse.