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Carsten Dominik 8 years ago
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@@ -146,11 +146,18 @@ org-mode. [...]
+[...] It's fascinating. I'm still dubious as to the mental sanity of the
+developer, but intriguing. [...]
+@<div align="right">@<i>Carlo Piana on [[!/carlopiana/statuses/37160201652011009][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 Org-mode is so awesome because everything is ultimately still plain
 text files.
 @<div align="right">@<i>Philip J. Hollenback on [[][Twitter]]@</i>@</div>
 The sheer elaborated insanity of the org-mode spreadsheet is a
 distilled microcosm of all that is wonderful and brain-damaged about