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-* How Worg publishes itself as a website?
+* How does Worg publish itself as a website?
   The server behind website takes care of publishing
   Worg into =HTML=.
 ** How long does it take for a change to be published?
-   Export happens in two steps: the first step is to pull Worg
-   repository on the server (this is cron'ed every 20 minutes, starting
-   at 00:00), the second one is to publish the last version of Worg on
-   the website (cron'ed every 20 minutes, starting at 00:10).
-   So for example, if you push a change in Worg at 00:37, this will be
-   pulled on the server at 00:40 and will appear on the website at
-   00:50.
+The changes should be available immediately following your =git push=.
 ** There is a problem.  Can I check the export output?
-   The output of both cron jobs are readable here:
-   -
-   -
-   Unmodified files are skipped during the process of exporting.
+As soon as you push a commit to the worg git repository on the org
+server, the publishing process is triggered.  You should see the
+output of the publishing process in your terminal.  If there's a
+problem, you should see the error in this output.
 ** Looks like file XXX breaks the export.  What can I do?
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 ** Where are the "raw" .org files kept?
 In addition to publishing the html versions of the .org files Worg's
 git repository, the raw source .org files are also put in
 [[]]. It is nice to make the .org file