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Intersection set of Org-mode and me.

My Worgs

  • org-info.js ::
  • =org-info.js= is now developed on Some of us plan to start a seperate tool to better support XHTML slides.
  • Publishing Org-mode files to HTML ::
  • Publishing basics for newcomers.


  • ::
  • Display speedbar in current frame with low overhead. It's working on console too. This is nice for use with Org-mode too: :(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'imenu-add-menubar-index) :(global-set-key [(hyper ?s)] 'sr-speedbar-toggle) Now you may open/toggle a speedbar in the current frame and navigate the structure of big orgfiles easily. [[][Here]] is a screenshot in xterm.

Most of the work since Mai 2008 is done by Andy Stewart actually.