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These issues are /old/: if you want to help, please check the report link, try to reproduce the problem and reply to the email using =X-Bug-Woof: confirmed= if the issue is still present or X-Bug-Woof: fixed if the issue as been fixed, removing it from this file too.

TODO Clocktable error with multiple source files from parent dir (report) #28

DELEGATED Better handling of fontenc in LaTeX export (report) #26

  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Mi 10:06] \\
  • Nicolas Girard is taking this up with TeX people :END:

The idea is to put LaTeX code that does do the decision on what kind of encapsulation should be used, based on the LaTeX processor that actually runs.

TODO org-clock-save.el state unwanted Resume clock prompt (report) #25

TODO Duplicate agenda entries when enabling archives-mode (report) #23

TODO How to trigger the clockcheck in an agenda view (report) #22

TODO org-capture doesn't narrow correctly if prepend is t ([[https //][report]]) #18

TODO Makes ido think that some candidates are directories (report) #16

TODO Structure clocktable by tags rather than by hierarchy (report) #14

TODO Problem with special characters in dired and attachment paths (report) #13

TODO Agenda does not restrict to file (report) #11

DELEGATED Three bugs/misfeatures in org-reveal (report) #10

TODO Restriction lock ignored in indirect buffer (report) #9

TODO Restruct org-create-formula-image function (report) #8

TODO Agenda Search and org-agenda-text-search-extra-files (report) #7

TODO Ido org-refile results in misfiling (report) #6

TODO Can org regenerate the cache automatically (report) #4

TODO How to refile without refiling in order to cache a restricted refile? (report) #3

  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2015-01-31 sam. 13:07] \\
  • Delegated to ngz :END: