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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Like many Free Software projects Org has an active IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network. IRC is a form of real time chat with other users who join the network and are participating in the channel.

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    IRC Server

Nickname Registration

UPDATE (September 2020): We are currently experimenting with lifting the freenode account registration requirement for #org-mode. As of now, registering an account is not required for joining the channel. If this experiment goes well, we will continue to not require an account. Watch this space for future updates.

Currently you must have a registered nickname with Freenode to join the Org channel.

Please see instructions at:

IRC Guidelines

IRC is a highly asynchronous form of chat. If the channel is not busy, don't be discouraged. Users come and go and watch the history.

When you join the channel, there is no need to ask whether you can ask a question. Please ask directly what you would like to discuss, and wait for a reply. You may wait quite some time so don't ask and quit five minutes later.

Be polite and respect other users. Rude behavior and spam are not tolerated.

Examples of etiquette guides from other channels:


Please consider using a privacy friendly paste service for posting code, like .

IRC Clients

  • Emacs IRC (ERC):
  • Irssi
  • Freenode has a web client at:
  • plenty of other clients, search for your OS and IRC client