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org-checklist provides two actions which can be triggered when a task is marked done. These are:

1) Clearing the state of all checkboxes in the task.

2) Creating, and optionally printing, a file containing a copy of the task with all items in the checked state removed.

How to use it

Quick example

Load org-checklist as described in the next section. You will then need to create a recurring task.

* Morning routine
  SCHEDULED: <2009-02-19 Thu 08:00 +1d>
  - [ ] Shower
  - [ ] Brush teeth
  - [ ] Get dressed
  - [ ] Eat breakfast
  - [ ] Check email

Then add the property RESET_CHECK_BOXES with a value of t. When the item is marked done,

Loading it

org-checklist requires a2ps.

Ensure the org contrib directory is in load-path and add (require 'org-checklist) to your =.emacs=.

Configurable options

org-checklist has four main configurable options:

the format of the timestamp added to the
export file. See =format-time-string= for valid % escapes.
org export function to use to create the
printable version of the export file. Any of the org export functions will work. The default is =org-export-as-ascii=.
parameters for the export function. See
the docs for the exporter you are using for useful values.
parameters for a2ps-print. If you choose to
print the exported file, these parameters will be used in place of a2ps-switches.


org-checklist was written by James TD Smith