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#+STARTUP: align fold nodlcheck hidestars oddeven lognotestate #+SEQ_TODO: TODO(t) INPROGRESS(i) WAITING(w@) | DONE(d) CANCELED(c@) #+TAGS: Write(w) Update(u) Fix(f) Check(c) #+TITLE: Hello Worg! #+AUTHOR: Worg people #+EMAIL: bzg AT altern DOT org #+LANGUAGE: en #+PRIORITIES: A C B #+CATEGORY: worg #+OPTIONS: H:3 num:nil toc:nil \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t -:t f:t *:t TeX:t LaTeX:t skip:nil d:(HIDE) tags:not-in-toc [[][Emacs]] is a text editor. [[][Org-mode]] is an Emacs tool written by Carsten Dominik which helps you organize your life with plain text files. =Worg= is a set of Org files collectively edited by people who like Org-mode and want to share tutorials, ideas, code snippets, etc. #+BEGIN: timestamp :string "Last update: " :format "%Y-%m-%d @ %H:%M" Last update: 2008-02-26 @ 22:09 #+END: # For this dynamic block to work, you need to add elisp/worg.el in your # load-path. # Let say that you like [[][Emacs]] and that you like using [[][org-mode]] for editing # structured files in Emacs. Then you might want to /share/ some # files and ask people to edit them with you. This is what *Worg* is [[][about]]: # collaboratively editing Org files to build a knowledge database about # itself (and planning-related stuff.) # You can also download Worg as a tar gzipped [[][archive]]. * Pages about Org - : Carsten Dominik official page for Org - [[][Org mailing list]] - [[file:org-tutorials/][Org Tutorials]] - [[][The Org-mode FAQ]] - [[file:org-configs/][Org configuration examples]] - [[file:org-testimonies/][People describing how they use Org]] - [[][Screenshots of Org in action]] - [[][Org ad hoc code]] - [[][How to contribute to Org?]] # FIXME: should we add this? #- [[][How to contribute to Org]] #- [[][Org survey results]] #- [[file:org-code/][Org add-ons]] * Pages about Worg - [[][About the Worg project]] - [[][A introduction to git for Worgers]] - [[][Conventions and tools for editing Worg]] - [[][The Worg TODO file]] - [[][How to create your own SSH key for]] #* Pages about planning and GTD # #- [[file:planning/][Readings]] * Search in Org mailing list The [[][Org mailing list]] is very active. #+BEGIN_HTML #+END_HTML