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There is a strong desire to use Org-mode to manage both blogs and wikis. There are a number of tools which address parts of this need, this page will serve as a collecting of the names of these tools with links and brief descriptions. I'm sure I've forgotten many relevant tools so please contribute!

Blogging tools

  • Blorg is the original Org-mode blogging engine (but it's not
  • maintained anymore).
  • Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. There are
  • instructions for combining Org-mode with jekyll at [[file:org-tutorials/][Org-Jekyll]].
  • Blorgit publishes an interactive website based on Org-mode
  • documents. While blorgit has many nice features including the fact that Org-mode documents can be edited through the web interface with automatic commits to a git or svn repository however it is fairly complicated to set up. Blorgit is one or two small changes from being a full-fledged Org-mode based wiki.
    Wiki tools
  • ikiwiki is a web site compiler written in Perl. In many ways it is
  • similar to Jekyll, but has closer integration with version control systems. It supports blogging and has many plugins.

There is an org mode plugin by Manoj, which lets you write your posts in org and converts them to html suitable for processing by ikiwiki.

    Other tools
  • org-ruby is a Ruby gem for converting org-mode files to HTML. The
  • goal is to make it easier to use org-mode files in website tools like [[][Webby]], [[][Jekyll]], or [[][webgen]].