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How to use this document

The below is a complete listing of all files and directories on Worg current as of 2013-04-22 at approximately 19:30 EDT. Each headline represents a subdirectory of Worg, and items under headlines represent files/directories.

  1. Update an org file (if necessary) and verify that it exports
  2. cleanly under the new exporter shipped with Org 8.0.
  3. Find the file in the list below and mark it DONE with C-c C-t d.
  4. After finishing all files in a directory, locate the heading for that directory in the headlines above and =C-c C-t= to mark that directory as DONE.
  5. You can set the original AUTHOR (or other useful info) of an Org
  6. file with a headline property, =C-c C-x p=.
  7. If you are working on something please mark it as INPROGRESS with
  8. =C-c C-t i= so other people can update efficiently elsewhere.

Other important things:

  1. For the time being, all that is important is for the Org file to
  2. export cleanly with the new exporter. Publishing is a worry for another day.
  3. If you find something that does not work correctly, please mention
  4. it on the emacs-orgmode mailing list so problems can be identified and fixed.
  5. Please update this file as you make progress.

root: [3/68]

TODO ChangeLog.org

TODO agenda-optimization.org

TODO blorgit.org

TODO bugs.org

TODO color-themes-screenshot.org

TODO doc.org

TODO gitrdone.org

TODO gtd-software-comparison.org

TODO index.org

DONE macros.setupfile

TODO org-8.0.org

TODO org-artwork.org

TODO org-blog-articles.org

TODO org-blog-wiki.org

TODO org-color-themes.org

TODO org-conference.org

TODO org-contribute.org

TODO org-dependencies.org

TODO org-devel.org

TODO org-faq.org

TODO org-glossary.org

TODO org-gtd-etc.org

TODO org-hacks.org

TODO org-info-js.org

TODO org-issues.org

TODO org-mac.org

TODO org-mailing-list.org

TODO org-papers.org

TODO org-people.org

TODO org-quotes.org

TODO org-screenshots-org-on-the-web.org

TODO org-screenshots.org

TODO org-survey.org

TODO org-symbols.org

TODO org-translators.org

TODO org-web.org

TODO org-worg-stats.org

TODO orgcamps.org

TODO orgcard.org

TODO patches.org

DONE preamble.html

TODO sandbox.org

TODO worg-about.org

TODO worg-editing.org

TODO worg-git-advanced.org

TODO worg-git-ssh-key.org

TODO worg-git.org

TODO worg-header.org

TODO worg-maintainance.org

TODO worg-setup.org

TODO worg-todo.org

TODO worg-todo_archive

TODO worgers.org

TODO ./FIXME: [0/2]

TODO how-to-use-Org-Babel-for-R.org

TODO test-for-how-to-use-Org-Babel-for-R.org

TODO ./code: [4/10]

TODO awk

TODO elisp

TODO latex

TODO org-info-js

TODO perl

DONE ./code/awk: [1/1]

DONE ical2org.awk

DONE ./code/elisp: [11/11]

DONE davidam.el

DONE dto-org-gtd.el

DONE org-collector.el

DONE org-effectiveness.el

DONE org-exchange-capture.el

DONE org-favtable.el

DONE org-issue.el

DONE org-license.el

DONE org-player.el

DONE worg-fortune.el

DONE worg.el

DONE ./code/latex: [2/2]

DONE fr-orgcard.tex

DONE gantt.sty

TODO ./code/org-info-js: [6/9]

DONE Makefile

TODO changes.org

TODO index.org

DONE org-info-src.js

DONE org-info.js

DONE sed.txt

DONE stylesheet.css

DONE ./code/org-info-js/img: [1/1]

DONE emacs23-org.js.org.png

TODO ./code/org-info-js/org-slides: [3/4]

DONE slides.css
DONE slides.html
TODO slides.org
DONE ./code/org-info-js/org-slides/img: [2/2]
DONE bg.gif
DONE unicorn.png

DONE ./code/perl: [1/1]

DONE org2remind.pl

DONE ./color-themes: [6/6]

DONE color-theme-folio.el

DONE color-theme-manoj.el

DONE color-theme-railscast.el

DONE color-theme-tangotango.el

DONE color-theme-zenash.el

DONE color-theme-zenburn.el

TODO ./dev: [0/4]

TODO index.org

TODO org-build-system.org

TODO org-export-reference.org

TODO org-syntax.org

TODO ./exporters: [0/9]

TODO beamer

TODO filter-markup.org

TODO freemind.org

TODO index.org

TODO ox-groff.org

TODO ox-overview.org

TODO ox-template.org

TODO taskjuggler

TODO xoxo.org

TODO ./exporters/beamer: [0/4]

TODO index.org

TODO ox-beamer.org

TODO presentation.org

TODO tutorial.org

TODO ./exporters/taskjuggler: [0/1]

TODO ox-taskjuggler.org

TODO ./images: [23/44]

DONE artwork

TODO babel

TODO blorgit

TODO bzg


TODO color-themes

TODO dto

TODO gsoc

TODO icons

TODO mdl

TODO org-R

TODO org-beamer

TODO org-collector

TODO org-exp-blocks

TODO org-lilypond

TODO org-plot

TODO orgcamps

TODO orgweb

TODO screenshots


TODO taskjuggler

TODO thumbs

DONE ./images/artwork: [2/2]

DONE uniborg.png

DONE uniborg.svg


DONE ./images/babel: [16/16]

DONE babelfish.png

DONE blue.png

DONE dirs.png

DONE dot-emacs-1.png

DONE dot-emacs-2.png

DONE dot-emacs.png

DONE drift-1-gen.png

DONE drift-2-gen.png

DONE example-graph.png

DONE library-of-babel.png

DONE r-example.png

DONE repdrift.png

DONE sequencechart.png

DONE simpledrift.png

DONE tower-of-babel.png

DONE transprob.png

DONE ./images/blorgit: [5/5]

DONE Passenger.png

DONE blorgit_features.png

DONE blorgit_search.png

DONE foods.png

DONE themes.png

DONE ./images/bzg: [5/5]

DONE formulas_editor.jpg

DONE fr-orgcard.pdf

DONE org-spreadsheet-table1.jpg

DONE org-spreadsheet-table2.jpg

DONE reference_visualization.jpg

DONE ./images/cd: [4/4]

DONE customize-1.png

DONE customize-2.png

DONE customize-3.png

DONE customize-4.png

DONE ./images/color-themes: [9/9]

DONE color-theme-colorful-obsolescence.png

DONE color-theme-dark-emacs.png

DONE color-theme-leuven.png

DONE color-theme-manoj.png

DONE color-theme-tangotango.png

DONE color-theme-wombat.png

DONE color-theme-zenash.png

DONE color-theme-zenburn.png

DONE cyberpunk-theme.png

DONE ./images/dto: [15/15]

DONE tutorial-1.png

DONE tutorial-10.png

DONE tutorial-11.png

DONE tutorial-12.png

DONE tutorial-13.png

DONE tutorial-14.png

DONE tutorial-15.png

DONE tutorial-16.png

DONE tutorial-2.png

DONE tutorial-3.png

DONE tutorial-4.png

DONE tutorial-5.png

DONE tutorial-6.png

DONE tutorial-7.png

DONE tutorial-9.png

DONE ./images/gsoc: [2/2]

DONE 2012

DONE ./images/gsoc/2012: [4/4]

DONE beach-books-beer-60pc.png
DONE beach-books-beer.png
DONE bugpile
DONE ./images/gsoc/2012/bugpile: [47/47]
DONE add-attachment-uml-roa.png
DONE add-attachment-uml-soa.png
DONE add-comment-uml-roa.png
DONE add-comment-uml-soa.png
DONE bugpile-users-example-class-model.png
DONE bugpile-users-roles-class-model.png
DONE bugpile-users.png
DONE create-project-uml-roa.png
DONE create-project-uml-soa.png
DONE delete-attachment-uml-roa.png
DONE delete-attachment-uml-soa.png
DONE domain-class-uml.png
DONE edit-comment-uml-roa.png
DONE edit-comment-uml-soa.png
DONE edit-project-uml-roa.png
DONE edit-project-uml-soa.png
DONE edit-task-uml-roa.png
DONE edit-task-uml-soa.png
DONE edit-user-details-uml-roa.png
DONE edit-user-details-uml-soa.png
DONE iorg-arch.png
DONE login-uml-roa.png
DONE login-uml-soa.png
DONE logout-uml-roa.png
DONE logout-uml-soa.png
DONE open-new-task-uml-roa.png
DONE open-new-task-uml-soa.png
DONE project-management-uml-uc.png
DONE refined-arch-iorg.png
DONE register-as-user-uml-roa.png
DONE register-as-user-uml-soa.png
DONE search-event-log-uml-roa.png
DONE search-event-log-uml-soa.png
DONE search-tasklist-uml-roa.png
DONE search-tasklist-uml-soa.png
DONE search-tasks-uml-csa.png
DONE search-users-uml-csa.png
DONE search-users-uml-roa.png
DONE search-users-uml-soa.png
DONE switch-project-uml-roa.png
DONE switch-project-uml-soa.png
DONE take-action-select-tasks-uml-roa.png
DONE take-action-select-tasks-uml-soa.png
DONE take-action-select-users-uml-roa.png
DONE take-action-select-users-uml-soa.png
DONE task-management-uml-uc.png
DONE user-management-uml-uc.png

DONE ./images/icons: [2/2]

DONE info.png

DONE warning.png

DONE ./images/mdl: [3/3]

DONE org-custom-agenda-commands-1.png

DONE org-custom-agenda-commands-2.png

DONE org-custom-agenda-commands-3.png

DONE ./images/org-R: [9/9]

DONE density.png

DONE histogram-example.png

DONE org-R-output-652pRO.png

DONE org-R-output-8119Y_N.png

DONE org-plot-example-1.png

DONE org-users-tree.png

DONE org-variables-barplot.png

DONE org-variables-hist.png

DONE org-variables-tree.png

DONE ./images/org-beamer: [4/4]

DONE a-simple-slide.png

DONE babel-octave.png

DONE column-view.png

DONE two-column-slide-madrid-style.png

DONE ./images/org-collector: [1/1]

DONE dec-spending.png

DONE ./images/org-exp-blocks: [3/3]

DONE blue.png

DONE cardioid.png

DONE dot.png

DONE ./images/org-lilypond: [1/1]

DONE mixolydian.png

DONE ./images/org-plot: [8/8]

DONE example-1.png

DONE example-2.png

DONE example-3.png

DONE example-4.png

DONE example-5.png

DONE example-6.png

DONE example-7.png

DONE example-8.png

DONE ./images/orgcamps: [1/1]

DONE orgcamp-paris-january-2011.png

DONE ./images/orgweb: [8/8]

DONE 1.jpg

DONE 2.jpg

DONE 3.jpg

DONE 4.jpg

DONE 5.jpg

DONE 6.jpg

DONE 7.jpg

DONE 8.jpg

DONE ./images/screenshots: [6/6]

DONE davison-minimal-research-thumb.png

DONE davison-minimal-research.png

DONE org-fireforg-screenshot-context-menu.png

DONE org-fireforg-screenshot.png

DONE org-mode-publishing.jpg

DONE schulte.dark-background.png

DONE ./images/sr: [1/1]

DONE phplayermenu-example-tree.png

DONE ./images/taskjuggler: [8/8]

DONE TaskJugglerUI1.png

DONE TaskJugglerUI2.png

DONE TaskJugglerUI3.png

DONE assign-resources.png

DONE define-dependencies.png

DONE effort-estimation.png

DONE project-plan.pdf

DONE resource-graph.png

DONE ./images/thumbs: [11/11]

DONE anothertest.png

DONE blue.png

DONE minimal-org-file.png

DONE org-col-default-customized-view1.png

DONE org-col-default-customized-view2.png

DONE org-col-default-customized-view3.png

DONE org-col-default-customized-view4.png

DONE org-col-default-customized-view5.png

DONE org-col-default-view.png

DONE org-export-as-latex.png

DONE test.png

TODO ./org-configs: [0/4]

TODO index.org

TODO org-config-examples.org

TODO org-customization-guide.org

TODO org-customization-survey.org

TODO ./org-contrib: [2/33]

TODO babel

DONE bibtex

TODO gsoc2012

TODO index.org

TODO ob-table-operations.org

TODO org-annotation-helper.org

TODO org-bom.org

TODO org-checklist.org

TODO org-choose.org

TODO org-collector-example.org

TODO org-collector.org

TODO org-depend.org

TODO org-drill.org

TODO org-eval-light.org

TODO org-exp-blocks.org

TODO org-export-generic.org

TODO org-export-template.org

TODO org-favtable.org

TODO org-feed.org

TODO org-mac-iCal.org

TODO org-mac-message.org

TODO org-mime.org

TODO org-protocol.org

TODO org-special-blocks.org

TODO org-track.org

TODO org-velocity.org

TODO org-wikinodes.org

TODO ./org-contrib/babel: [2/14]

TODO examples

TODO header-args.org

DONE images

TODO index.org

TODO intro.org

TODO languages

TODO languages.org

TODO library-of-babel.org

TODO ob-template.el

TODO org-babel.org

TODO uses.org

TODO ./org-contrib/babel/examples: [4/16]

TODO Rpackage.org
TODO ascii.org
DONE auxiliary-files
TODO data-collection-analysis.org
TODO drift.org
TODO finances.org
TODO fontify-src-code-blocks.org
TODO foo.org
DONE foo.org.html
DONE foo.pdf
TODO latex-form.org
TODO lob-table-operations.org
TODO org-babel-gnuplot.org
TODO org-check.org
TODO short-report.org
DONE ./org-contrib/babel/examples/auxiliary-files: [1/1]
DONE o18-data.zip

DONE ./org-contrib/babel/images: [9/9]

DONE fontified-src-code-blocks.png
DONE gnuplot-basic-function.png
DONE gnuplot-basic-plot.png
DONE gnuplot-broken-axis.png
DONE gnuplot-diff-scales.png
DONE gnuplot-multi-axes.png
DONE gnuplot-named-xtics.png
DONE gnuplot-uneven-named-xtics.png
DONE org-article-text-blocks.png

TODO ./org-contrib/babel/languages: [1/29]

TODO images
TODO ob-doc-C.org
TODO ob-doc-LaTeX.org
TODO ob-doc-R.org
TODO ob-doc-asymptote.org
TODO ob-doc-awk.org
TODO ob-doc-clojure.org
TODO ob-doc-css.org
TODO ob-doc-ditaa.org
TODO ob-doc-dot.org
TODO ob-doc-eukleides.org
TODO ob-doc-gnuplot.org
TODO ob-doc-ledger.org
TODO ob-doc-lilypond.org
TODO ob-doc-lisp.org
TODO ob-doc-makefile.org
TODO ob-doc-mathomatic.org
TODO ob-doc-maxima.org
TODO ob-doc-mscgen.org
TODO ob-doc-octave-matlab.org
TODO ob-doc-oz.org
TODO ob-doc-picolisp.org
TODO ob-doc-python.org
TODO ob-doc-screen.org
TODO ob-doc-tcl.org
TODO ob-doc-template.org
TODO ./org-contrib/babel/languages/R: [1/2]
TODO RBabelExample.org
DONE RBabelExample.pdf
DONE ./org-contrib/babel/languages/images: [10/10]
DONE asy-tile.png
DONE asymptote.png
DONE hello-world-round.png
DONE hello-world.png
DONE latex-logo-for-banner.png
DONE maxima-3d.png
DONE python-matplot-fig.png
DONE slime-small.png
DONE test-dot.png
DONE test.png

DONE ./org-contrib/bibtex: [6/6]

DONE Delescluse2011.bib

DONE Dominik2010.bib

DONE Schulte_Davison_2011.bib

DONE Schulte_et_al_2012.bib

DONE Voit2013.bib

DONE Voit_Dye_2012.bib

TODO ./org-contrib/gsoc2012: [0/7]

TODO index.org

TODO orgmode-gsoc2012-admin.org

TODO orgmode-gsoc2012-ideas.org

TODO orgmode-gsoc2012-mentor.org

TODO orgmode-gsoc2012-student.org

TODO student-projects

TODO ./org-contrib/gsoc2012/student-projects: [0/4]

TODO git-merge-tool
TODO org-sync
TODO ./org-contrib/gsoc2012/student-projects/git-merge-tool: [0/7]
TODO development.org
TODO examples.org
TODO index.org
TODO manual.org
TODO project-plan.org
TODO proposal.org
TODO prototype.org
TODO ./org-contrib/gsoc2012/student-projects/org-sync: [0/5]
TODO backends.org
TODO gnu-application.org
TODO index.org
TODO tutorial
TODO ./org-contrib/gsoc2012/student-projects/org-sync/tutorial: [8/9]

* DONE auth-setup.png ******* DONE first-sync.png ******* DONE import-ok.png ******* DONE import.png ******* TODO index.org ******* DONE new-ok.png ******* DONE on-github.png ******* DONE sync-ok.png ******* DONE try-new.png

TODO ./org-testimonies: [0/1]

TODO index.org

TODO ./org-tests: [2/5]

DONE ert-publish-test.el

TODO example.org

TODO index.org

TODO tools

DONE ./org-tests/tools: [3/3]

DONE el-expectations.el

DONE el-mock.el

DONE ert.el

TODO ./org-tools: [0/1]

TODO index.org

TODO ./org-tutorials: [0/46]

TODO advanced-searching.org

TODO agenda-filters.org

TODO encrypting-files.org

TODO images-and-xhtml-export.org

TODO index.org

TODO multitarget-tables.org

TODO non-beamer-presentations.org

TODO org-R

TODO org-appearance.org

TODO org-beamer

TODO org-column-screencast.org

TODO org-column-view-tutorial.org

TODO org-custom-agenda-commands.org

TODO org-customize.org

TODO org-e-man-documentation.org

TODO org-google-sync.org

TODO org-import-rtm.org

TODO org-jekyll.org

TODO org-jsmath.org

TODO org-latex-export.org

TODO org-lookups.org

TODO org-meeting-tasks.org

TODO org-outside-org.org

TODO org-plot.org

TODO org-protocol-custom-handler.org

TODO org-publish-html-tutorial.org

TODO org-publish-layersmenu.org

TODO org-reference-guide-es.org

TODO org-ruby.org

TODO org-screencasts

TODO org-spreadsheet-intro.org

TODO org-spreadsheet-lisp-formulas.org

TODO org-tableur-tutoriel.org

TODO org-taskjuggler-scr.org

TODO org-taskjuggler.org

TODO org-vcs.org

TODO org4beginners.org

TODO orgtutorial_dto-es.org

TODO orgtutorial_dto-fr.org

TODO orgtutorial_dto.org

TODO tables.org

TODO theme-test.org

TODO tracking-habits.org

TODO ./org-tutorials/org-R: [5/12]

TODO data

DONE density.png

DONE file.csv

TODO org-R.org

DONE org-variables-barplot.png

TODO org-variables-counts.org

DONE org-variables-hist.png

TODO org-variables-incidence.org

TODO tmp.org

TODO variable-popcon-restricted.org

TODO variable-popcon.org

DONE ./org-tutorials/org-R/data: [4/4]

DONE ./org-tutorials/org-R/data/2c: [2/2]
DONE e0fc04-b308-4b8d-8acc-805a9e5fed
DONE ./org-tutorials/org-R/data/2c/e0fc04-b308-4b8d-8acc-805a9e5fed: [6/6]

* DONE org-R-output-16365QHx.png ******* DONE org-R-output-18038ZGt.png ******* DONE org-R-output-18038_xg.png ******* DONE org-R-output-652oJT.png ******* DONE org-R-output-8119YGC.png ******* DONE org-R-output-8119Zys.png

DONE ./org-tutorials/org-R/data/45: [2/2]
DONE f39291-3abc-4d5b-96c9-3a32f77877
DONE ./org-tutorials/org-R/data/45/f39291-3abc-4d5b-96c9-3a32f77877: [4/4]

* DONE org-R-output-652CsH.png ******* DONE org-R-output-652pRO.png ******* DONE org-R-output-8119AYz.png ******* DONE org-R-output-8119M2O.png

TODO ./org-tutorials/org-beamer: [0/4]

TODO index.org

TODO org-e-beamer.org

TODO presentation.org

TODO tutorial.org

TODO ./org-tutorials/org-screencasts: [0/4]

TODO ghm2011-demo.org

TODO index.org

TODO org-mode-google-tech-talk.org

TODO org-series-episode-1.org

TODO ./orgguide: [10/10]

DONE clean.sh

DONE doclicense.texi

DONE make.sh

DONE org-version.inc

DONE orgguide.es.html

DONE orgguide.es.pdf

DONE orgguide.es.po

DONE orgguide.es.texi

DONE orgguide.pot

DONE orgguide.texi

TODO ./style: [5/5]

DONE worg-classic.css

DONE worg-zenburn.css

DONE worg.css

DONE worg7.css

DONE zenburn-emacs.css

TODO ./users: [0/7]

TODO bzg.org

TODO cnngimenez.org

TODO davidam.org

TODO index.org

TODO mlundin.org

TODO rpr.org

TODO srose.org