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Do we need a FAQ for Org?

Yes, and the FAQ can be build by answering questions in the survey.

I think apart from the survey, we should use the faq to provide pointers to especially useful posts on emacs-orgmode. For example:

  • *Can I use the remember buffer for taking notes during a customers
  • call and clock that call in the remember buffer?*

Yes, you can. Take a look at the setup described by Bernt Hansen and check out (in the same thread) what Nick Docos had to fix to make Bernt's set-up work for him.

  • Can I implement a GTD workflow with Org-mode?

Yes, you can. Check for discussions and pointers here.

  • How can I cycle through the TODO keyword of an entry ?

C-c C-t or S-<left/right> is what you need.

  • How can I quickly set the tag of an entry ?

Yes. Use C-c C-c

  • *Can I select the TODO keywords with an interface similar to the one
  • for selecting tags?*

Yes. Use (setq org-use-fast-todo-selection t)

  • *I want to isearch to find strings in links, but those are hidden.
  • What can I do?*

M-x visible-mode will display the full link, making them searchable.

  • C-k is killing whole subtrees! I lost my work!

(setq org-special-ctrl-k t) before losing your work.

  • How can I set up automatic reminders based on Org information?

See this post by N. Dokos on the list.

  • Is there a good way to create a description list?

Yes, by enforcing a line break in a plain list using :\\:, like this (following a suggestion by Sebastian Rose):

- *item1* \\
  Description of this item 1
- *item2* \\
  Description of this item 2
- *item1* \\
  Description of this item 3
  • I want to add my Org scheduled/deadlined entries in my diary!

Put this in your ~/.diary:

:&%%(org-diary :scheduled :timestamp :deadline)

  • How can I make appt notice my Org appointments?

:M-x org-agenda-to-appt RET