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org-info-js by Sebastian Rose

org-info-js is a great javascript tool to navigate through a HTML page (as exported by Org) the way you navigate through an Org or an info manual, i.e. supporting folding, previous/next buttons, etc.

org-info-js as powerpoint

It was noticed that files exported by org-info-js were similar to s5 the simple standards-based Slide Show System. After some hacking, Sebastian Rose added some features to allow org-mode and org-info-js to be used to create simple slide shows and presentations.

An example org-info-js presentation can be found here

SUGGESTION #+TITLE's shouldn't display on every slide by default

The title for each slide should (by default) be the slides heading.

SUGGESTION Name for org-info-js slide show extension(s)

Some suggested names for this functionality.

  • org-present
  • org-point
  • org-note (as in keynote)
  • present-org

SUGGESTION Use properties to reveal bullet points

To have bullet points reveal themselves one by one in org-info-js you need to replicate the slide many times, e.g.

,* Overview

,+ The first point

,* Overview

,+ The first point
,+ The second point revealed

,* Overview

,+ The first point
,+ The second point revealed
,+ The third point (note the duplication of the slide)

Rather than this, we might (assuming properties can be exported) be able to support a syntax like the following:

,* Overview
, :reveal:   t
, :END:

, + Revealed properties
, + Appear one after the other
, + But this time only need to be stated once!