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This file contains a list of scientific papers that are about Org-mode or mention Org-mode in any special way.

For general Org-mode documentation, please refer to the Org-Mode Manual.

Papers About Org-mode

  • Dominik C., [[][The Org-Mode 7 Reference Manual: Organize Your Life
  • with GNU Emacs]]/. Network Theory, UK, 2010. ([[file:org-contrib/bibtex/Dominik2010.bib][bibtex]])
  • Schulte E., Davison D., Dye T., Dominik C., [[][A Multi-Language
  • Computing Environment for Literate Programming and Reproducible Research (pdf)]]. /Journal of Statistical Software/, Vol. 46, Issue 3, January 2012. ([[file:org-contrib/bibtex/Schulte_et_al_2012.bib][bibtex]])
  • Schulte E., Davison D., Active Documents with Org-Mode, /Computing
  • in Science & Engineering/, Vol. 13, Issue 3, May-June 2011. ([[file:org-contrib/bibtex/Schulte_Davison_2011.bib][bibtex]])

Papers Mentioning Org-mode

  • Delescluse M., Franconville R., Joucla S., Lieury T. and Pouzat C.,
  • [[][Making neurophysiological data analysis reproducible: Why and how?]], /Journal of Physiology-Paris/, N0, 2011. ([[][PDF]], [[file:org-contrib/bibtex/Delescluse2011.bib][bibtex]])
  • Kieran Healy, Choosing Your Workflow Application (pdf), hosted also
  • [[][on github]].
  • Divya, Alpesh Gajbe, Rajiv Nair, Ganesh Gajre, Nagarjuna G.,
  • [[][GNOWSYS-mode: An Emacs based Text Editor for Semantic and Structured Document Editing (pdf)]], Demo.
  • Karl Voit, [[][What really happened on September 15th 2008? Getting The
  • Most from Your Personal Information with Memacs]], 2013. ([[file:org-contrib/bibtex/Voit2013.bib][bibtex]])

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