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Assorted hacks to interact with org-mode whilst working with OS X applications other than Emacs...

For use within Emacs

Pull information from other applications into org-mode.

org-mac-message -- linking to messages in OS X

Create links to selected or flagged messages in Written by John Wiegley and Christopher Suckling.

org-mac-iCal -- import OS X events into Emacs diary

Written by Christopher Suckling.

grab the current link or selection from an open mac application and insert it as a hyperlink at point in an org-mode document. Written by Anthony Lander.

For use outside Emacs

Push information from the current application into org-mode.

Written by Christopher Suckling. Address Book support by Alexander Poslavsky.

Version: 0.634

A suite of scripts that allow the user to annotate their org-mode buffers without switching focus from other OS X applications.

The following applications are currently supported:


A git repository, together with full documentation, can be found at

alfred-org-capture - Use Alfred to run org-capture

A short Applescript/terminal hack that allows the user to create a link to a message from within the Microsoft Entourage application and paste it directly into an Org-mode file. The link uses the email's subject line as its description. Written by Matt Strickland. Use Alfred to call up org-capture from only a couple key strokes Written by JJ Asghar. With acknowledged work by Haider Rizvi, Robert P. Goldman, Alan Schmitt, Alexander Baier, and Damon Haley