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This page gathers ideas and plans for a possible Org-mode conference.

List ideas of things we would do there

Find out what would be the best location/date

Suggestion: hold it jointly (or with some overlap) with one of the GNU Hackers meetings

Many GNU people at the GHMs are heavy org users. We try to organise our meetings with (1) a local hackspace and (2) colocated with another free software conference.

The past 2 years we had 3 day meetings before FSCONS 2009 in Gothenburg with the Gnutiken Hackspace and before GUADEC 2010 with the Revelation Hackspace in Den Haag.

Contact for more details - Brian Gough (

Figure out how much money does it requires

Decide (or not) to go for it

Raise money through donations and grants (e.g. from the FSF)