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Org Mode support for Exporter Name

Template Checklist [0/9] noexport

  • [ ] Save this template as a new file
  • Create new directory, worg.git/exporters/backend/
  • Save as worg.git/exporters/backend/ox-backend.org with C-x C-w ox-backend.org RET
  • [ ] Revise #+TITLE:
  • [ ] Indicate #+AUTHOR:
  • [ ] Add #+EMAIL:
  • [ ] Revise banner source block [0/3]
  • [ ] Add link to a useful exporter web site (e.g. LaTeX home page, markdown wiki
  • page, etc.)
  • [ ] Replace "Exporter Name" with Exporter name (see table at ox-overview)
  • [ ] Find a suitable graphic and use it to link to the language web site
  • [ ] Write an Introduction
  • [ ] Describe Requirements and Setup
  • [ ] Overview of Org-mode features and usage of export backend
  • [ ] Provide brief Usage examples


  • Brief description of backend (e.g. What is the native backend used for?
  • Range of typical uses within Org Mode.

Requirements and Setup

  • Installation and configuration of language software
  • Emacs configuration (require('ox-*))
  • Org-mode configuration (#+options: variables, file-keywords/variables, etc.)

Org-mode features and usage of export backend

Fill in this section with specifics about how to accomplish typical goals when using this backend. For example:

  • Explanation of exporter sub-options (what appears upon C-c C-e)
  • Use case options and tweaking explanation
  • Sizing/positioning images
  • Inserting links
  • Fontification (e.g. word, word, word, sub/superscript, etc.)
  • Page breaking
  • Inserting white space (e.g. \vspace{Xcm}, <br />, etc.)
  • Formatting tables
  • Styles, for example accessing css functionality or setting
  • =\usepackage[options]{package}=
  • Other #+attr_backend options of interest
  • Converting output format to some other format (if applicable)

Usage examples

  • Sample document: ideally, this would be a reproducible
  • sample document of some sort that displays a wide range of functionality.
  • Specific walkthrough of what the options in the sample document are doing, if not
  • clearly laid out above.
  • Specific example of fine tuning some aspect of the output (placing an image here
  • vs. there, how to control text wrap, etc.).


  • Links to tutorials and other resources.
  • Link to the ox-*.el file itself