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Since Worg is just starting now, these conventions are just suggestions, not recommendations. Please improve this.


To-do keywords

Here is a table with default to-do keywords and their meaning.

To-do keyword Meaning
TODO(t) Things to do
INPROGRESS(i) Thing being in the process of being done
WAITING(w@) Tasks stuck at some point
DONE(d) Done task
CANCELED(c@) Canceled task

Feel free to discuss the relevance of these keywords and propose changes.


Write(w) Update(u) Fix(f) Check(c) 



Conventions about content?

How rigit are these conventions?

(Suggestion: the farther from the index page you are, the more flexible the conventions should perhaps be.)

What is the default header for new files?

You can find a default header here: worg-header.org

How do I create a file?

Just create it. Before committing changes in Worg, make sure you add the file to the repository index with git add *.org

What about dynamic blocks

If you are using dynamic blocks in Worg, please don't forget to add the relevant code in the elisp/worg.el file. See for example the dynamic block for the timestamp in the index page.

COMMENT How do I rename a file?

COMMENT Can I create a directory?

COMMENT What about non-org files in the repository?

.el files ? .pdf files