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Contributing to Org

Every contribution to Org is very welcome. Here is a list of areas where your contribution will be useful:

  • you can submit bug reports -- Before sending a bug report, make sure
  • you have read this section of Org's manual: [[][Feedback]]
  • you can submit feature requests -- Org is already mature, but new ideas
  • keep popping up. If you want to request a feature, it might be a good idea to have a look at the current [[][TODO list]] of Org, or to digg into the mailing list for possible previous discussions about your idea.
  • you can submit patches -- You can submit patches to the mailing list.

If your patch is against a file that is part of Emacs, then it won't be taken unless it is less than 10 lines or you granted the rights on your works to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.

If your patch is against a file that is not part of Emacs, then it might be taken without worrying about its length, if the patch is good.

  • you can submit Org add-ons -- there are many Org add-ons. The best way
  • is to submit your code to the mailing list to discuss it with people. If it is useful, you might consider contributing it to the =CONTRIB/= directory in the git repository.
  • you can submit material to the Worg website -- This website is made of
  • Org files that you can contribute to. Learn what Worg is [[][about]] and how to contribute to it [[][through git]].

Contributing to Emacs org-mode

Org is made of several files. Those who are part of GNU Emacs are copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation, Inc. If you consider contributing to these files, your first need to grant the right to include your works in GNU Emacs to the FSF. For this you need to complete this form and send it to

If you want to understand why, please read this: Why the FSF gets copyright assignments from contributors?

Current contributors

Here is the list of people who signed the papers with the Free Software Foundation and can now freely submit code to Org files that are included within GNU Emacs:

  • C. Dominik
  • B. Guerry
  • D. O'Toole
  • P. Zielinski
  • C. League
  • J. Wiegley
  • M. Figueroa

Last update: 2008-02-10 @ 16:12

#- Phil Jackson (will have FSF papers soon) #- Sacha Chua (check about assignment, investigating....