Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bastien 2d5d92ca61 code/awk/ical2org.awk: Explicitely use gawk 6 months ago
  Marco Wahl 6bf5eb3517 ical2org.awk: Place date below properties 2 years ago
  Guido Van Hoecke d882c5f85b Improved comment about ignoring count specifiers 7 years ago
  Guido Van Hoecke bbf7dd8ab6 Converts RRULE lines into org recurrent datestamps 7 years ago
  Guido Van Hoecke ef8a613bd6 Improved date and period handling, includinn for dates before the epoch 7 years ago
  Arun Persaud 04d17fee46 ical2org: remove SCHEDULED key-word for imported entries 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud 4366aef62b ical2org: make location and status information a org-property 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud 2cff0b6c2b ical2org: remove GCAL tag from imported entries 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud 431b6ab120 ical2org: changed default to ignore all items older than one week 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud b04934636a ical2org: better timezone parsing 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud d8fed27d7a ical2org can now suppress events that are older than N days 9 years ago
  Arun Persaud 4e52c49447 modified ical2org to allow better parsing of google-style .ics files 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 40335dbba3 Add code/awk/ical2org.awk file. 9 years ago