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  Chris Wittern 3224603bd8 Adopted the fibonacci example to Org 8.x syntax 6 years ago
  G. Jay Kerns d39353c80b successful publish with Org 8.0 7 years ago
  Thomas Dye d99b8ea31f Changed python call--thanks to George Jones for catching this. 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry d4517ca32c org-contrib/babel/ Use the same snippet in example block and code block. 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 8b0f8eebbd tweak babel tutorial 8 years ago
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  Christian Egli 20ba601b3f Moved the babel intro into FIXME as it hasn't been building for days 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte efdb69d863 Babel: tweak intro text 9 years ago