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added notes about combining any Org conference with the GNU Hackers meetings

Brian Gough 10 years ago
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@@ -20,6 +20,21 @@ This page gathers ideas and plans for a possible Org-mode conference.
 * Find out what would be the best location/date
+Suggestion: hold it jointly (or with some overlap) with one of the [[][GNU
+Hackers meetings]]
+Many GNU people at the GHMs are heavy org users.  We try to organise
+our meetings with (1) a local hackspace and (2) colocated with another
+free software conference.
+The past 2 years we had 3 day meetings before FSCONS 2009 in
+Gothenburg with the Gnutiken Hackspace and before GUADEC 2010 with the
+Revelation Hackspace in Den Haag.
+Contact for more details - Brian Gough
 * Figure out how much money does it requires
 * Decide (or not) to go for it