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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ want to share tutorials, ideas, code snippets, etc.
 # load-path.
 #+BEGIN: timestamp :string "Last update: " :format "%Y-%m-%d @ %H:%M"
-Last update: 2008-02-08 @ 22:41
+Last update: 2008-02-10 @ 16:06
 # Let say that you like [[][Emacs]] and that you like using [[][org-mode]] for editing
@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ Last update: 2008-02-08 @ 22:41
 - [[file:org-testimonies/][People describe how they use Org]]
 - [[][Screenshots of Org in action]]
 - [[][The Org-mode FAQ]]
+- [[][How to contribute to Org?]]
+# FIXME: should we add this?
+#- [[][How to contribute to Org]]
 #- [[][Org survey results]]
 #- [[file:org-code/][Org add-ons]]
@@ -45,7 +49,6 @@ Last update: 2008-02-08 @ 22:41
 - [[][Conventions and tools for editing Worg]]
 - [[][The Worg TODO file]]
 - [[][How to create your own SSH key for]]
-- [[][Current Worgers]]
 #* Pages about planning and GTD

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+#+OPTIONS:    H:3 num:nil toc:t \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t -:t f:t *:t TeX:t LaTeX:t skip:nil d:(HIDE) tags:not-in-toc
+#+STARTUP:    align fold nodlcheck hidestars oddeven lognotestate
+#+TAGS:       Write(w) Update(u) Fix(f) Check(c) 
+#+TITLE:      [No title for now, please update]
+#+AUTHOR:     Worg people
+#+EMAIL:      bzg AT altern DOT org
+#+LANGUAGE:   en
+#+CATEGORY:   worg
+# This file is the default header for new Org files in Worg.  Feel free
+# to tailor it to your needs.
+[[][{Back to Worg's index}]]
+* Contributing to Org
+Every contribution to Org is very welcome.  Here is a list of areas where
+your contribution will be useful:
+- you can submit *bug reports* -- Before sending a bug report, make sure
+  you have read this section of Org's manual: [[][Feedback]]
+- you can submit *feature requests* -- Org is already mature, but new ideas
+  keep popping up.  If you want to request a feature, it might be a good
+  idea to have a look at the current [[][TODO list]] of Org, or to digg into the
+  mailing list for possible previous discussions about your idea.
+- you can submit *patches* -- You can submit patches to the mailing list.
+  If your patch is against a file that is part of Emacs, then it won't be
+  taken unless it is /less than 10 lines/ or you granted the rights on your
+  works to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+  If your patch is against a file that is not part of Emacs, then it might
+  be taken without worrying about its length, if the patch is good.
+- you can submit Org *add-ons* -- there are many Org add-ons.  The best way
+  is to submit your code to the mailing list to discuss it with people.  If
+  it is useful, you might consider contributing it to the =CONTRIB/=
+  directory in the git repository.
+- you can submit material to the *Worg* website -- This website is made of
+  Org files that you can contribute to.  Learn what is Worg [[][about]] and how
+  to contribute to it [[][through git]].
+* Contributing to Emacs org-mode
+Org is made of several files.  Those who are part of GNU Emacs are
+copyrighted by the [[][Free Software Foundation, Inc]].  If you consider
+contributing to these files, your first need to grant the right to include
+your works in GNU Emacs to the FSF.  For this you need to complete [[][this
+form]] and send it to [[][]].
+If you want to understand /why/, please read this: [[][Why the FSF gets
+copyright assignments from contributors?]]
+* Current contributors
+Here is the list of people who signed the papers with the Free Software
+Foundation and can now freely submit code to Org-mode:
+- Carsten Dominik
+- Bastien Guerry
+- David O'Toole
+- Piotr Zielinski
+- Christopher League
+- John Wiegley
+- Miguel Figueroa
+#+BEGIN: timestamp :string "Last update: " :format "%Y-%m-%d @ %H:%M"
+Last update: 2008-02-10 @ 16:06
+#- Phil Jackson (will have FSF papers soon)
+#- Sacha Chua (check about assignment, investigating....