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 [[][{Back to Worg's index}]]
-A collection of [[][color-themes]] with screenshots of their use in Org-mode
-files.  All themes presented here can be installed using the
-[[][color-theme]] package for Emacs theme management.
 # Contributing Screenshots to this page.
@@ -32,5 +29,105 @@ files.  All themes presented here can be installed using the
 #    color theme and the link to your screen-shot respectively to the
 #    =screenshot= macro
-# Eric Schulte -- dark color theme
+* Org Colour Themes.
+A popular way of customizing Emacs colours is to use the color-theme
+package (see [[][color-theme emacswiki page]].)
+Here is a list of color themes that are aware of Org:
+You can see screen shots of these themes [[][here]]. Once you have
+installed a theme it is easy to tweak its appearance by editing the
+theme's lisp file.
+Some of these themes are available in Worg in the color-themes
+directory, whilst others are linked either to the author's site, or to Github.
+There is a page with screenshots of each of the themes [[][here]] .
+** [[][color-theme-zenburn.el]] (maintained by Daniel Brockman)
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-colorful-obsolescence.el][color-theme-colorful-obsolescence.el]] (Scott Jaderholm)
+Links to Scott's themes all point directly to his site.
+** [[][color-theme-wombat.el]] (Scott Jaderholm)
+** [[*][color-theme-active.el]] (Scott Jaderholm)
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-sva.el][color-theme-sva.el]] (maintained by Sebastien Vauban)
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-zenburn.el][color-theme-zenburn.el]] (Daniel Brockman Adrian C., Bastien Guerry)
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-tangotango.el][color-theme-tangotango.el]] (Julien Barnier)
+[[][Link]] to Julien's blog post about tangotango. [[][Link]] to the Github repository.
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-folio.el][color-theme-folio.el]] color-theme-folio.el (David O'Toole)
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-manoj.el][color-theme-manoj.el]] (maintained by [[][Memnon]])
+** [[file:~/Private/Dropbox/Worg/color-themes/color-theme-zenash.el][color-theme-zenash.el]] (maintained by Yavuz Arkun)
+A modified version of zenburn. [[][Link]] to the Github repository.
+** [[][color-theme-dark-emacs.el]] (maintained by Suvayu Ali)
+Based on theme made by the emacswiki user, ZWZ. The original theme can
+be found [[][here]] . Suvayu has also made some org-mode font modifications
+outside of the coloor theme, which can be obtained [[][here]]. Suvayu's
+[[][init.el]] which gives more information on how to use his customizations
+is available [[][here]].
+** Installing Org Colour Themes.
+First make sure that you have the Emacs color-theme package
+installed. Copy the lisp files for the themes into a directory in your
+Emacs load path.
+If you want to be able to easily cycle between different
+colour schemes, you need something like the following in your .emacs:
+#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+(require 'color-theme)
+(setq color-theme-is-global t)
+(load "color-theme-colorful-obsolescence")
+(load "color-theme-zenburn")
+(load "color-theme-tangotango")
+(load "color-theme-railscast")
+(load "color-theme-sva")
+(load "color-theme-folio")
+(load "color-theme-zenash")
+(load "color-theme-manoj")
+(setq my-color-themes (list
+  'color-theme-tangotango
+  'color-theme-colorful-obsolescence 'color-theme-zenburn
+  'color-theme-sva 'color-theme-folio 
+  'color-theme-manoj 'color-theme-zenash
+  'color-theme-railscast
+(defun my-theme-set-default () ; Set the first row
+      (interactive)
+      (setq theme-current my-color-themes)
+      (funcall (car theme-current)))
+    (defun my-describe-theme () ; Show the current theme
+      (interactive)
+      (message "%s" (car theme-current)))
+   ; Set the next theme (fixed by Chris Webber - tanks)
+    (defun my-theme-cycle ()		
+      (interactive)
+      (setq theme-current (cdr theme-current))
+      (if (null theme-current)
+      (setq theme-current my-color-themes))
+      (funcall (car theme-current))
+      (message "%S" (car theme-current)))
+    (setq theme-current my-color-themes)
+    (setq color-theme-is-global nil) ; Initialization
+    (my-theme-set-default)
+    (global-set-key [f4] 'my-theme-cycle)
+Now you can cycle through the installed themes using the F4 key.