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added info about worg sources directory to worg-setup, adjusted links in ob-doc-gnuplot, and modified org-babel-gnuplot

jwhendy 10 years ago
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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ The following provides instructions and some examples of gnuplot
 usage. Since babel is simply allowing native code to run inside of
 Org-mode, all gnuplot documentation is applicable and valid. [fn:1]
-This file may be downloaded here: [[][]]. The image
+This file may be downloaded here: [[][]]. The image
 links are to the images online on Worg, but running the code blocks
 will produce matching images in the same directory as the .org file.

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@@ -42,6 +42,16 @@
 2. Fix the page or contact the author of the page telling him about the
+** Where are the "raw" .org files kept?
+In addition to publishing the html versions of the .org files Worg's
+git repository, the raw source .org files are also put in
+[[]]. It is nice to make the .org file
+available for those following a tutorial so that the actual .org
+file is viewable in addition to reading through the online html
+version. To do this, simply link to the file in the worg sources directory:
+- If the page in the git repository is =~/worg.git/path/to/file/,
+- Link like so: =
 * Are there any writting conventions?
   Please don't use [[][file variables]] in your org files.