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-* You
+:The following document describes how to use Carsten Dominik’s excellent
+:org-mode Emacs package after the fashion of a pen-and-paper day planner.
+:For those curious, I was not brought up on time management in the era of
+:the current GTD fad. I started with a hard-bound book filled with daily
+:planning sheets, along with training and books supporting this method. I
+:found it incredibly useful for the three or so years that I stuck with
+:it, but ultimately discovered that only digital media can truly keep up
+:with my ever-changing world. Thus began my quest for the ultimate,
+:computer day planning package.
+* Sacha Chua
+:I spend most of my day working on or near a computer: writing, replying
+:to e-mail, making phone calls, and so on. I use Lotus Notes for my
+:calendar because people need to be able to check my availability for
+:meetings. I use Emacs to keep track of what I need to do, because it
+:makes planning my day so much easier.
+* [You]

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+** Encoding
 ** Properties
 ** Link abbrevations
 ** Conventions about content?
-** How rigit are these conventions? 
+** How rigit are these conventions?
 (Suggestion: the farther from the index page you are, the more flexible
 the conventions should perhaps be.)