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@@ -20,24 +20,24 @@ This page contains links to web sites made with org-mode. Add more links at your
 - [[][Fredrik Appelberg]]
 - [[][Phil Branigan]]
 - [[][William Henney]]
-- [[][Matthew Lundin]]: A site containing a particularly nice horizontal table of contents.
 - [[][David O'Toole]]
 - [[][Scott Randby]]: A site which uses [[][org-info.js]] to create a dynamic site from one file.
 - [[][Richard Graeme Riley]]
 - [[][Matsuyama Tomohiro]]
-- [[][Kevin Brubeck Unhammer]]
 - [[][Bill White]]
 - [[][Bastien Guerry]]
 - [[][Eric Schulte]]
+- [[][Jason Dunsmore]]
 - [[][Juan Reyero]]: combines articles and blog posts exported from org
   by [[][org-jekyll]], and then finishes with Jekyll.
-- [[][Junto al camino]]: blog in Spanish. 
+- [[][Junto al camino]]: blog in Spanish.
 - [[][Daniel Brunner]]: Personal web site in German, some org-mode content
   in English [[][too]]
 - [[][Emanuele Santoro]]: Personal website in Italian (soon to be
   translated to English). Almost the whole website is managed using
   orgmode, except the wiki (oddmuse works well) and gitweb.
 - [[][Olivier Berger]]'s personal homepage
 * Other Sites
 - [[][]]: Of course
 - [[][Worg]]: A public edited site of which this page is a part.