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created sandbox as a playground for new contributors

Jeffrey Horn 9 years ago
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+#+STARTUP:    align fold nodlcheck hidestars oddeven lognotestate
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+#+TITLE:      Worg Contribution Sandbox
+#+AUTHOR:     Worg people
+#+EMAIL:      bzg AT altern DOT org
+#+LANGUAGE:   en
+#+CATEGORY:   worg
+# This file is the default header for new Org files in Worg.  Feel free
+# to tailor it to your needs.
+[[][{Back to Worg's index}]]
+* History
+Sign your name when you make changes. Think of it as the page's guestbook. :-)
+- [2010-12-05 Sun 23:59] jrhorn424 creates the page at Bastien's suggestion.
+* Introduction
+Bastien says "An idea: maybe have a file somewhere in Worg, so that
+people can do 'pull' tests in here at no risk."
+And, lo, it was pushed into existence.
+* Try it out
+Since you're here, why not see [[][how you can contribute to Worg]]. If you haven't yet done so, familiarize yourself with how you can [[][use git to contribute to Worg]].