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@@ -59,11 +59,9 @@ In Emacs-22 and Emacs-23 you will need to download the test files
 _ert.el_ and _ert-x.el_ to your testing directory. This may be
 accomplished with the following commands entered on the command line.
-cd /path/to/org-mode/testing
-curl -O
-curl -O
+: cd /path/to/org-mode/testing
+: curl -O
+: curl -O
 Alternatively you may download the files within your browser.
@@ -86,19 +84,15 @@ configurations) use the following commands (Note, if you have more
 than one version of Emacs on your system, you may need to include the
 full path to the required Emacs executable).
-cd /path/to/org-mode/testing
-Emacs -Q -batch -l org-test.el -eval "(setq org-confirm-babel-evaluate nil)" -f org-test-run-batch-tests'
+: cd /path/to/org-mode/testing
+: Emacs -Q -batch -l org-test.el -eval "(setq org-confirm-babel-evaluate nil)" -f org-test-run-batch-tests'
 ** Run tests from within Emacs
 To run the tests from within Emacs itself.
-M-x load-file RET /path/to/org-mode/testing/org-test.el
-M-x org-test-run-all-tests
+: M-x load-file RET /path/to/org-mode/testing/org-test.el
+: M-x org-test-run-all-tests
 * Can I write tests?
@@ -120,7 +114,7 @@ Coming soon...
 * Tutorial
-To come...
+Coming soon...
 * Testing Utilities
@@ -129,11 +123,9 @@ even easier. These are available from the Org-mode repository as a
 seperate git sub-module. Assuming you have cloned Org-mode using git,
 you may install these extra utilities with the following git commands.
-cd /path/to/org-mode
-git submodule init
-git submodule update
+: cd /path/to/org-mode
+: git submodule init
+: git submodule update
 * Aims