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 the grammar of graphics in R]], then you will need to set =:results
 output graphics=.
-** Limitations
-Values assigned with the =:var= header argument are read into R with
-the =read.table= function, which is configured to expect that all rows
-have equal length.  Note that it is possible that other source code
-blocks will return values in which the lengths of rows are not equal.
-If these are assigned to a variable in an R source code block, then R
-will report an error and the value of the variable will be =nil=.
-There are two workarounds: 
-  - Fill empty cells with empty strings so that all rows have the same length
-  - Write the results to the Org mode buffer, manually change the
-    name, and pass this table to the R source code block, instead.
 * Examples of Use
 ** Debugging
    This section contains some tips on how to proceed if your R code is