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   Written by /Reimar Finken/.
   [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-git-link.el][Link to raw file]].
-- /org-index.el/ -- a personal index for org ::
-  Fast search for selected org nodes and things outside of org.
-  org-index creates and updates an index table with keywords;
-  each line either points to a heading in org, references something
-  outside or carries a snippet of text to yank.  When searching the
-  index, the set of matching lines is updated with every keystroke;
-  results are sorted by usage count and date, so that frequently
-  used entries appear first in the list of results.  References are
-  decorated numbers (e.g. 'R237' or '--455--'); they are well
-  suited to be used outside of org, e.g. in folder names, ticket
-  systems or on printed documents.
-  Watch [[][the Screencast]] or view [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-index.el][the Source]].
 - /org-interactive-query.el/ -- interactive modification of tags queries ::
   After running a general query in Org, this package allows to narrow
   down the results by adding more tags or keywords.  Written by