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Add incorrectness/incompleteness warning.

The section on type1 fonts for PDF is wrong in detail. I'll fix
it by the end of the week, but for now add a warning so that people
don't get tripped up unnecessarily.
Nick Dokos 10 years ago
1 changed files with 5 additions and 4 deletions
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@@ -115,20 +115,21 @@ It is probably impossible to get rid of Type3 fonts completely
 (particularly if you are using special symbols or languages that
 don't use the Latin alphabet: in such cases, font availability is more
 limited and you just might not be able to find Type1 fonts to do the
-job). For standard latin-alphabet languages that use the Computer
+For standard latin-alphabet languages that use the Computer
 Modern fonts (including small variations e.g. Polish and Czech), you
-*can* find Type1 versions. The texlive-fonts-extra package (on
+*can* find Type1 versions: (XXX-needs fixing) the texlive-fonts-extra package (on
 Ubuntu/Debian) e.g. includes the AMS CM fonts which work well.
 Similar packages exist for other Linux distributions and probably
 for other operating systems as well.
 | Type1 font      | LaTeX package | Ubuntu container package |
 | Computer Modern | amsfonts      | texlive-base             |
 | Euler           |               |                          |
+(/XXX-needs fixing)
 ** TODO DocBook export.