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 * Ideas for test
 - Veryfy the output of tests with tools like =diff= (think /export/ here).
+* What we to know to actually write tests
+The tutorial I'd need to write a test is one which lays out code I could copy
+and paste to do the following
+** setup the test environment
+   - create a test directory
+   - create a sample file
+   - put the cursor in a particular place
+** run the command we need to test
+  - hit the 'TAB' key, or C-c C-c (some folks might need to be reminded how to
+    find out exactly what command is actually being run  when you hit a
+    keystroke. And some of me might need to be told what  lisp-code to use when
+    the keystroke runs different commands at  different places in a file)
+  - reformat a table
+  - clock in/out
+  - create the agenda
+  - export .html .ics .dvi file
+* How do we specify the correct result???
+  - check that the headline folded properly.  What's the lisp code for getting
+    the folded string as displayed?
+  - check that the cursor is where it should be? especially when the cursor is
+    near elipses...
+  - check that the agenda is built properly.  What's the lisp code for getting
+    the agenda as a string?
+  - check that the exported files are correct.  Maybe the right suggestion is to
+    run the export on two different files, so the test  can focus on the 'diff'
+    between them.  That way different people who  run the same test on different
+    hosts can get the same result.
 * Clipboard