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Bastien 6 years ago
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@@ -3459,9 +3459,6 @@ Yes.  Vagn Johansen wrote [[][o
   :CUSTOM_ID: Export
 ** How do I ignore a headline?
-   :CUSTOM_ID: ignoreheadline
-   :END:
    This is one of the most common FAQs on the Org mailing list.  The
    following export filter will allow headlines tagged =ignore= to be
@@ -4397,7 +4394,11 @@ Add the following to your Emacs config,
          (format "{\\color{%s}%s}" path desc)))))
-and then you can use [[color:red][in red]] for colored export.
+and then you can use
+: [[color:red][red]]
+for colored export.
 This question has been raised [[][on the mailing list]] by Jos'h Fuller and
 answered by Eric Schulte.