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@@ -221,12 +221,17 @@ hopefully have some documentation.
   Written by /Chris Gray/.
   [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-special-blocks.el][Link to raw file]].
-- /org-velocity.el/ -- something like Notational Velocity for Org ::
-  Written by /Paul M. Rodriguez/.
-  [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-velocity.el][Link to raw file]].
 - /org-toc.el/ -- table of contents in a separate buffer ::
   With fast access to sections and easy visibility cycling.
   Written by /Bastien Guerry/.
   [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-toc.el][Link to raw file]].
+- /org-velocity.el/ -- something like Notational Velocity for Org ::
+  Written by /Paul M. Rodriguez/.
+  [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-velocity.el][Link to raw file]].
+- [[][/org-wikinodes.el/ -- CamelCase wiki-like links to nodes]] ::
+  Written by /Carsten Dominik/.
+  [[repofile:contrib/lisp/org-wikinodes.el][Link to raw file]].

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+#+TITLE:     org-wikinodes.el -- CamelCase wiki-like links to Org-mode nodes
+#+OPTIONS:   ^:{} author:nil
+#+STARTUP: odd
+* Introduction
+/org-wikinodes.el/ implements CamelCase wiki-like links in Org mode.
+However, while most wiki implementations use files as the basic data
+unit, it is more natural for Org to use outline nodes.
+/org-wikinodes.el/ turns CamelCase words into links to CamelCase
+headlines and creates missing headlines if necessary.
+* Installation
+Like with most contribued modules, just customize the variable
+=org-modules= and select the line for /org-wikinodes/.
+If you want to use this module only in some files/directories but not
+in others, set your general preference in the variable
+=org-wikinodes-active= and then use Emacs [[][file variables]] or
+[[][directory-local variables]] to change things where necessary.
+* How to use this module
+When this package is activated, any headlines that consist of only a
+single CamelCase word, optionally with a TODO keyword, a priority
+cookie and tags, are treated as a wiki node.
+#+begin_src org
+  ,* TODO [#C] ThisIsAWikiNodeInOrgMode    :test:
+Writing the CamelCase word plainly in the text will create a link to
+that node.
+Following the link will jump to it, and you can return to the previous
+position with =C-c &=.  If the target does not exist, it can be
+created.  By default the user will be asked if the target should be
+created, but the exact behavior can be modified using the user option
+* Wiki links across files
+By default a match for a link is only attempted in the current file.
+However, you can make Org consider headlines in all org files in the
+same directory by setting
+: (setq org-wikinodes-scope 'directory)
+In this case, to speed things up, a cache is created that remembers in
+which file a particular node can be found.  The cache is updated
+directly if you create nodes automatically by following CamelCase
+links to non-existing headlines.  However, if you create a new node by
+hand (just typing it), then you need to clear the cache before the
+node can be found from a link in a different file.  To clear the
+cache, press =C-c C-c= in any headline that is just a CamelCase word.
+* Export and publishing
+/org-wikinodes.el/ fully supports export and publishing.  Links will
+be functional in the published version of the files.
+* CamelCase words are hard to read
+Yes, this is true.  If you find this problematic, try =glasses-mode=
+which makes =CamelCase= words more readable by displaying them like
+* Author
+/org-wikinodes.el/ was written by Carsten Dominik.