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Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.


This page is not maintained anymore. Still, there are a few ideas that can be useful for further development.

This is a loose collection of ideas and TODO items for the future development of Org mode. These ideas come from various sources, mostly from, from direct emails to me, or from my own day-dreaming. I don't always mention the source of an idea, out of laziness. However, when I implement a good idea, I try to mention the origin of this idea in the Acknowledgments section of the manual - let me know if I forgot to give you credit for something.


On this page, I am using TODO keywords in the following way: |---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Keyword | Intention | |---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | TODO | A development that is going to happen, once I have time or once I figure out how to do it. | | IDEA | A new idea, I have not yet decided what if anything I will do about it. | | WISH | A wish, probably voiced by someone on This is less than a new idea, more a change in existing behavior. | | QUESTION | A question someone asked, that needs some thinking before it can be answered | | DECLINED | I have decided not to implement this feature, but I am keeping it in the list so that people can see it, complain, or still try to convince me. | | INCONSISTENCY | Some behavior in Org mode that is not as clean and consistent as I would like it to be. | | BUG | This needs to be fixed, as soon as possible. | | DONE | Well, done is done. | | NEW | This is a tag, indicating recently added entries | | | <50> | |---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|



TODO Get rid of all the \r instances, which were used only for XEmacs.

WISH proper visibility cycling for items

Make them not hide the text after the final list item. This is not trivial, we cannot usenormal outline stuff, needs a separate implementation.

Agenda issues

Or something like that, to make standard links fast.

Info links of course only work inside Emacs. However, many info documents are on the web, so the HTML exporter could try to be smart and convert an Info link into the corresponding link on the web. For example, we could use the GNU software site then Name.HTML. Here is the link to be used: Another question is, is this URL going to be stable so that it makes sense to actually put this into org.el?

I don't think this is really covered anywhere. Maybe we also should protect characters in the visible part, to make sure thing will never be on two lines...?

WISH Radio targets across files

I guess each org file could write a .orgtargets.filename file, if it has any radio targets.


WISH Row formulas


WISH Make a variable that current line should be recomputed always

In each table. Skipping headers of course.



TODO Document the

Miscellaneous Stuff

BUG Comments cannot be filled

TODO Use the new argument of bibtex-url

Roland Winkler was kind enough to implement a new argument to the `bibtex-url' command that allows me to retrieve the corresponding URL, whether it is taken from a URL field or constructed in some clever way. Currently I am not using this, because too many people use an old Emacs version which does not have this. however, eventually I will implement this.

QUESTION Do we need a 43 folders implementation?

That could easily be done in an org-mode file. But then, maybe this should really be a paper thing.


QUOTE Priorities

Here is some information about priorities, which is not yet documented. Actually, I am not sur if the list here is correct either TODO entries: 1 or 1,2,... DEADLINE is 10-ddays, i.e. it is 10 on the due day i.e. it goes above top todo stuff 7 days before due SCHEDULED is 5-ddays, i.e. it is 5 on the due date i.e. it goes above top todo on the due day TIMESTAMP is 0 i.e. always at bottom but as a deadline it is 100 but if scheduled it is 99 TIMERANGE is 0 i.e. always at bottom DIARY is 0 i.e. always at bottom

Priority * 1000

QUESTION grep on directory does not yet work.

I am actually not sure, I might have addressed this already, but my memory is failing me. Needs some checking.

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